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Ringsling Sizes


  Zanytoes Sling Sizing

Sling sizes depend mostly on the height of the wearer, and tail length preference.

Small: 68 inches Choose a small sling if you wear a petite size or prefer a short tail.

Medium: 74 inches Choose a medium sling if you are average  size/weight.

Long: 80 inches Choose a long sling if you wear a plus size or prefer a longer tail.

If you need custom sizing please message us with your order, and we are most happy to accomodate. Our slings are generously sized to allow for shrinkage with the first laundering, which can be expected for natural fabrics. Length may vary +/- 2 inches.

Ring sizes

Most users will prefer large rings on their sling; they are standard on all our slings. Large rings are recommended for new users, newborn slings, and wrap conversions.

 Medium rings are available upon request. They allow for less slippage or adjustment of the sling, and offer extra support for heavier babies. We suggest medium rings for experienced users who prefer to make fewer adjustments to their sling, or are carrying a toddler.

We use aluminum rings from which have been tested for safety and lead content. They are the only rings we trust for our most precious cargo. SlingRings are made especially for baby slings, and are weight-tested to 250 pounds.