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Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

Wrap Conversion Ring Sling-Zanytoes wrap conversion ringsling
Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

Zanytoes will sew your woven wrap into a ringsling; we offer two shoulder styles-- a full gathered shoulder, and a floating gathered shoulder. The Zanytoes shoulder is about 6 inches from the top of the rings folded over to the stitching at the seams, and and the floating gathered is 10 inches. We use large SlingRings for wrap conversions. Please be very specific when describing your wrap (brand, size, colorway, shoulder preference if pattern is one directional) If you are splitting a wrap with someone else please include their name in the message.

We offer wrap hemming only with the purchase of a wrap conversion ringsling at this time.

Ring color choices can be found on the Chop Shop page of our website, and an email with our mailing address will be sent after purchase of your conversion slot.

Shoulder Style:Zanytoes Gathered
Zanytoes Floating Gathered
Hemming:No hemming necessary
Hem/taper remaining wrap add $15.00
Add a patch pocket from remaining wrap fabric:No pocket
Add pocket add $10.00
Describe your wrap:

Zanytoes suggests

Ringsling Shoulder Redo-
Ringsling Shoulder Redo