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What could be easier than a cotton sling? Cotton is so easy to care for, toss it in the washer and dryer, and in no time at all it's softer and cuddlier than before, and ready to snuggle your little one through life's inevitible messes. Our Zanytoes cotton slings are not only easy to care for, they're easy on the eyes as well. We pair everyday fabrics with colorful and fun accents for a fabulous sling you'll reach for again and again.

Please allow two weeks for order processing.

We recommend washing and drying your brand new sling before use.


Chrysanthemum-zanytoes,ringsling,ring sling,baby sling,baby carrier,best baby carrier,newborn baby carrier,slingring,cotton ringsling,baby ringsling,
$60.00 $50.00
Out of Stock
Everyday Cotton-Zanytoes, twill,ringsling
Everyday Cotton
Greenlea-green,cotton sateen,cotton,floral,blossom
$50.00 $45.00
Monkeying Around-cotton twill, monkey sling, sock monkey, brown,
Monkeying Around
$60.00 $50.00
Out of Stock
Osnaburg-osnaburg,ringsling, osnaburg sling, ring sling, holiday sling, cotton sling,ringsling,designer ringsling,cream,natural
Out of Stock
Somewhere Over the Rainbow-newborn,rainbow,pastel,cotton,ringsling,ring sling,
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Out of Stock