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Zanytoes Wrap Conversions

Do you have a wrap that would be perfect as a ringsling? Love the look of wovens, but not the idea of yards of fabric tied around you? Zanytoes can tranform your wrap into a gorgeous, supportive ringsling.  Send us your wrap with specific directions, and we'll give it a makeover you're sure to love. Used wraps are okay to convert at this time.

Zanytoes offers two shoulder styles, a full gathered shoulder, and a deep floating gathered shoulder. The shoulders can be spread wide for support, or scrunched and adjusted for a custom fit that feels super comfy on your back and shoulder

We use genuine SlingRings in all the slings we sew. Choose you color from the pic below. Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch, so if you are looking to match a specific one, please ask for pictures of the rings with your fabric, and we will be happy to oblige.

After you purchase your custom wrap conversion ringsling, look for an email from Zanytoes Boutique within 24 hours with our mailing address. Wraps shall be sent clean and free from pet hair and other allergens, please.

Please include your name and contact info including a phone number in the package, so we know where it's from and can reach you with questions if necessary.

Turnaround time for sewing your sling is about two weeks.

To place your order, click on the appropriate category at the bottom of this page.



Ringsling Shoulder Redo-
Ringsling Shoulder Redo
Wrap Conversion Ring Sling-Zanytoes wrap conversion ringsling
Wrap Conversion Ring Sling